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Picture Clyde W. May, President

Clyde W. May, President

Clyde joined the NDT field in 1978 and is an ASNT NDT Level III in PT, MT, RT and UT. Additionally, Clyde previously held certifications from the American Petroleum Institute as a API 570, 510, and 653 Inspector. He also held the American Welding Society Certified Welding Inspector and Senior Certified Welding Inspector certifications. Clyde shares his industry-leading knowledge by serving on the ASNT Board of Directors and is the Vice Chairman of ASME Section V Standard Committee.

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Clyde W. May serves as President of Varex Industrial Imaging’s NDT Solutions business unit. Since joining the NDT field in 1978 as a humble trainee in the quality department of a substantial self-performing boiler construction company, Clyde has steadily developed his practical, technical, and business acumen from commercial testing labs such as Huntington Testing, Cooperheat-MQS, Code Services, and Mistras Group to NDE technology and equipment OEMs such as VMI and Varex Industrial Imaging. These engagements have resulted in 42 years of participation within the NDT industry (with initial ASNT Level III certifications in 1987).

In addition to spending more than 30 years as a hands-on NDE practitioner and radiation safety officer, Clyde has held numerous Principal Level III and corporate management positions.

Clyde has maintained nearly 40 years of membership with ASNT, providing multiple papers and presentations at local and national Society meetings. He is also a voting member of several ASTM E07 committees and API 1104 subcommittees on radiography and NDT. Clyde is also actively involved in the ASME Boiler and Pressure Vessel Code, currently serving as a member of the Section V Standard Committee, as well as a member of the working groups for radiography and ultrasonics, vice-chair of the subgroup for surface examination, chair of the working group for computed tomography, chair of the subgroup for volumetric examination, and member of the subgroup for general requirements.

Currently Clyde is certified in Penetrant, Magnetic Particle, Radiography, and Ultrasonic. Clyde is a hands-on practitione, holding technician and management levels in the NDE services arena – from trainee to President. In addition to the current Level III certifications and API 570, 510, and 653, Clyde has AWS CWI and SCWI certifications.

Picture John Iman

John T. Iman, VP of Global Sales

John currently serves as ASNT President and is vice-chair of the Business and Finance Committee. He previously served as Director at Large on the ASNT Board of Directors for three terms ending in 2015. John has also shared his leadership with NDTMA and various API committees. His experience includes both service and sales of multidisciplinary technologies including Xray, UT< PMI, RVI, and a host of other emerging technologies.

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John resides in Houston, Texas, with his wife Dana and his dog, and enjoys volunteering, family, traveling, competitive tennis, recreational golf, and mentoring professionalism within the industry.

John was inducted into the fellowship class of 2015. He also served as Vice Chair of the Technical and Education Council from 2017 through 2019. John owes a major portion of his professional as well as personal success to the time, support, network, and, most of all, the people within ASNT. In addition, he has held various capacities within the vibrant Greater Houston Section of ASNT.

John is also a member of AWS, former committeeman of PRCI, and remains very active within the Greater Houston Section, previously serving as board chair and president. In addition, John has been active in the international ambassadorship for ASNT, as well as the NDT industry for the past decade.

John believes that by serving ASNT he can facilitate the strategic direction, value, and power of the Society successfully by mentoring the passion and talent within the volunteer membership and continue to unlock the power within the mission of ASNT.

John is eager to serve, protect, and grow collaboratively with you in the next chapter of the Society’s capable future rooted in the deep heritage of the mission. #ASNTFORWARD

Picture Raj Vankatachalam

Raj Vankatachalam, Engineering Leader Varex Industrial Systems

Raj holds a master’s degree in electrical engineering and computer engineering, which he utilizes to engineer solutions using robotics and analytic tools with more than 10 patents to his name. Raj is an SME in RT and a pioneer of flat-panel technology. He is an ASNT member and co-chair of the AI and Machine Learning Methods committee.


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Before joining Varex Imaging NDT Solutions, Raj held positions with General Electric and Oceaneering.

Extended Varex Imaging NDT Solutions Team

Picture Beau Reynolds

Beau Reynolds, Senior Sales & Key Account Director

Beau lives in Salt Lake City, Utah with his wife, Jillian, and his three daughters. His primary focus as a Key Account Director is to provide our partners support while helping them grow and fulfill market needs. Before onboarding with Varex Imaging NDT Solutions, Beau was managing the Fluoro and CMOS product lines at Varex Imaging.


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Beau started his career in the oil and gas industry in 2003 in Vernal, Utah. He specialized in field communication and later advanced to technician and sales. He then joined forces with a fuel and lubrication company, Western Petroleum, as an Operations/Sales manager.

Picture Jillian Titus

Jillian Titus, Client Care Leader & Inside Sales

Jill is based out of Pensacola, Florida, and has been employed with Varex Imaging NDT Solutions for over 15 years. Starting as one of the Administrative Assistants, her hard work has earned her the current position of Client Care Leader and Inside Sales for Varex Imaging NDT Solutions. As the Client Care Leader, Jill is responsible for establishing and maintaining customer relationships.


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Jill has a customer-first approach that not only aids in establishing strong customer connections but also sets Varex Imaging NDT Solutions apart in the market. She is quick to respond to customer needs and resolves issues swiftly. Serving as our “quarterback,” Jill is one of our logisticians, maintaining sales records, projecting future sales, and supplying sales quotes. Jill is very knowledgeable about the business and wears many hats to ensure Varex Imaging NDT Solutions is always on track to succeed.
Picture Tibby Petrescu

Tibby Petrescu, Service Leader & Systems Engineer

Tibby is our Manufacturing Engineer III in X-ray Imaging Detectors. He possesses 20 years of experience in digital radiographic and fluoroscopic imaging detector design and manufacturing. He also specializes in new product introduction, product testing, design verification, and process validation.

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Tibby uses a real-world approach to find solutions and overcome the complex challenges of industrial imaging, thanks to a wide-view understanding of imaging detector design and functionality. His other skills include: DFMEA and PFMEA, Design and Process V&V, IQ-OQ-PQ Validation, Environmental Testing Methodology, Six Sigma, Lean Manufacturing, and SAP ERP.

Picture Matt Roberts

Matt Roberts, Quality/Operations Support Specialist

Matt brings 15 years of experience in Digital Imaging to the Varex Imaging NDT Solutions Team. His background is in Operations, IT, and Product Development for CR, DR, and Imaging Software. Matt is a member of ASNT and ASTM. Matt has worked in Aerospace on rocket engine research, additive manufacturing, drone manufacturing, and piloting.

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