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At VMI, we design our NDT construction solutions to examine weld quality and code compliance from the start to the commission of the project.

New Construction

Collect and access data about the health of your asset.

Our NDT construction experts work with you to create the best solutions for delivering essential and quality data. VMI will help you maximize productivity, enable proper digital technique and workflow while ensuring you’re in compliance with codes and standards (ASME Section V, API 1104, AWS D1.1, D1.5, etc.). VMI engineers safety throughout the entire build and process.

Our New Construction Solutions


Weld Inspection Pipeline and Process Piping

SmartRT NDT Product
  • A new era in radiographic examination.
  • Significantly reduces total inspection time per weld.
  • Scan plans auto-generate for various pipe configurations.


CR 4100

Computed Radiography

CR 4100 New Construction
  • High-performance digital imaging for manufacturing operations.
  • Lightweight and portable for maximum mobility.
  • Sealed optics unit ensures no dust is introduced during scanning.

CR 3100 (formerly Switchblade)

Computed Radiography

CR 3100 New Construction
  • The first CR system specifically designed for weld-quality radiography.
  • Guaranteed to NEVER damage IP Plates.
  • Ultra-lightweight, compact and durable. 




We create mission-critical systems and applications with superior solutions designed for aircraft inspection.

Metals/ Manufacturing

We build custom systems for enhanced productivity within manufacturing & industrial operations.


We serve alongside the U.S. military and allies globally, placing 200+ digital radiography solutions.

Energy: Power Gen

We offer computed radiography solutions that provide early detection of cracks and structural degradation in nuclear power plants.

Energy: Oil & Gas

We help eliminate the complexities of flaw detection in refinery equipment to prioritize safety and efficiency.

NDT Service Providers

We provide a wide range of solutions for organizations that perform inspections for customers working in capital-intensive industries.

Service is Our Cornerstone

Superior Service
Leading to Valued

We provide personal customer service by thoroughly listening, planning, and working side-by-side to implement solutions and build strong client relationships.

award Service is Our Cornerstone

Expert NDT Training


Our highly-rated radiographer team provides thorough training to empower our clients to make decisions, protect employees, and change everyday lives.


Discovery DR action shot

Film to Digital Xray: The VMI Solution

VMI is your solution to assist with moving from traditional film to digital Xray. By doing this, our clients have decreased costs (no insulation removal or film costs), and downtime (real time image evaluation) for an increase in ROI.

20-60 percent cost reduction



Accuracy of Images

Accuracy of


Instant Turn-around